How to get the best from Answers315

Answers315 is designed not so much as a deeply academic program, but as a resource for the ordinary Christian or seeker to be able to understand the main evidences and arguments in favour of the Christian faith.

This blog is to be considered a resource to support those who are participants in the Answers315 progam, where you can come to access information additional to that presented at the meetings, or to find links to resources specifically used or recommended in the course.

It is intended that either prior to, or immediately after each session, the media content, participant notes, and any recommended links will be posted here. So if you miss a meeting, you can come here to catch up on what was presented or discussed, and to access the materials associated.

This is your site. So if you have any ideas or recommendations to how to improve it, please tell us!

God bless you as you join with us and grow in your faith in Jesus Christ as we “love the Lord (our) God with all (our) heart and mind.”

Author: Steve K

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and a keen seeker after the truths that under-gird the Christian faith and message. Along with Fred Bekker I help lead and facilitate Answers315.

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