Session 1 – What is Apologetics?

Welcome to our first session of the Answers315 program!

In this session we introduce the subject of what Christian apologetics is. The two videos below give a good, if brief, explanation of what Christian apologetics is. But of course, knowing the basic idea of what Apologetics is, is a long way from knowing how to apply it in everyday life!

Over the coming weeks we are going to deal with many many aspects of what is the case for Christianity, but for now, take the time to view these two short clips, and then click on the link below to go to the session notes.

Powerpoint slide show: answers-315-session-1

Notes: Session 1 – Participant Notes

Author: Steve K

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and a keen seeker after the truths that under-gird the Christian faith and message. Along with Fred Bekker I help lead and facilitate Answers315.