Session 6 & 7: The Intolerance of “Tolerance”.

Today there are many “buzzwords” that we hear all the time. One of these is the word “tolerance”. It is meant to mean that people tolerate each other’s views and aren’t supposed to be “extreme” in any way. Being “tolerant” is supposed to prevent people from getting too emotional and (potentially) violent or nasty about things, or from wrongfully discriminating against people. It’s generally a good thing. We should be tolerant of each other, within proper limits.

But when is the word “tolerance” really “IN-tolerance”?

Greg Koukl is a very well known and powerful communicator and Christian apologist, who has some key insights into this idea of when “tolerance” really means “IN-tolerance”.

Session 6 & 7 Notes: Answers 315 – Session 6 & 7 – Session notes

Author: Steve K

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and a keen seeker after the truths that under-gird the Christian faith and message. Along with Fred Bekker I help lead and facilitate Answers315.

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