Session 13: God in the Dock. Panel Discussion – Is God a Moral Monster?

Many atheists and sceptics of Christianity claim that the God of the Bible is immoral or hypocritical because he does the very things he tells us not to do. An example, it is claimed, is the command God gave to destroy the Canaanite nations when Israel invaded the area.

This is the subject of this panel discussion hosted by – Dr Robert Mohler – President – Southern Seminary, USA. It was prompted by a book written by a liberal theologian who claims that the Bible is not even healthy for us due to the conflicting morality he claims on the part of God.

Is God a moral monster? Are we even in a position to judge?

Answers 315 – Session 13- Session notes

Author: Steve K

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and a keen seeker after the truths that under-gird the Christian faith and message. Along with Fred Bekker I help lead and facilitate Answers315.

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